Better safe than sorry…. The bottom line in shipping is cost, transit time and of course damage prevention.  Quotes are only as good as the initial information provided while quoting.  Please review the tips below to help with accurate quoting and a consistent shipping experience. 

Recommendations for a Consistent LTL Shipping Experience

Avoiding Rebills:

  • WEIGHT:  It’s better to be safe than sorry.  Over estimate weight if you are not sure.  Most likely the shipment cost will remain the same within certain weight ranges.  If you under estimate weight, the carrier may opt to charge a corrective billing fee and a reweigh fee for the additional weight.  So be accurate or over estimate in the beginning.

  • CLASS:  Make sure your commodity is classed properly.  Using accurate dimensions and weight, you can find the proper lbs per cubic foot (pcf) then determine the class for density based items.  Not all density based items recognize all density classifications.  For example, some items go from 150 to 250 skipping 175 and 200.  Please contact your OneTranz representative if you are unsure of your commodity class specification.

  • NMFC:  If you need assistance with the classifications of NMFC numbers, let us know and your account manager will provide the class breakdown for your commodity code.

  • EXTRA SERVICES:  When quoting and creating BOLs with OneTranz, make sure you indicate all accessorial requirements such as “Residential”, “Liftgate”, “Notify upon Arrival”, “Inside Delivery”, “Hazardous”, etc.  Carriers will add additional fees based on any services utilized which were not originally identified on the BOL. 

Non-commercial Delivery: 

When quoting and creating your BOL, please indicate if the shipment is non-commercial.  "Non-commercial" is a term carriers use for anything that is not business to business such as schools, military bases, shopping malls, etc.  Each carrier's non-commercial fee varies.   OneTranz's quote and BOL generation system provides a drop-down list to choose the non-commercial location delivery type. 

Trade Shows: 

Carriers charge an additional fee for trade show/convention delivery and pickup.  These fees are not necessarily included in online quotes because they are based on individual convention centers and the freight carrier.  Please call us for quotes for conventions and trade shows.

Excessive/Overlength Fees: 

Carriers have varying guidelines for overlength and cubic capacity.  Generally, any shipment over 11 linear feet may incur an excessive length charge though some carriers will not charge until the shipment exceeds 16 linear feet.  Excessive/overlength fees will not calculate when quoting online so please call your OneTranz account manager when quoting shipments over 11 linear feet.  We will assist in finding the best carrier for the shipment size and lane.

How to Calculate Transit Time:

Carrier estimated transit time consists of counting business days only not including pickup date.  For example, 5 day estimated transit, picked up on a Wednesday would be an estimated arrival day of the following Wednesday, as follows:

Example -
Pickup Day – Wednesday
Day 1 Transit – Thursday
Day 2 Transit – Friday
Day 3 Transit – Monday
Day 4 Transit – Tuesday
Day 5 Delivery – Wednesday
*(carrier recognized holidays not included)

Some carriers do offer guaranteed delivery service for an extra fee.  This option is indicated during your quoting process with the cost.  Note that the transit time is also calculated as above for guaranteed shipments.


Always inspect your freight upon receipt and most importantly, note any damages/nicks/dents on the Delivery Receipt (Proof of Delivery form) that is signed by both you and the driver.  All damages need to be reported immediately.  In the case that there is concealed damage that is discovered after the Delivery Receipt has been signed, it must be reported to the carrier within 15 days; immediately contact the carrier’s Destination Terminal on the BOL and report the damage.  The carrier may request to visit your site to view the damage.  Keep the shipment (pallet, box, crate, etc.) intact as delivered and take as many pictures as possible and document the damage in detail.  Inform your OneTranz rep promptly.  There is no such thing as overkill when filing for damage claim.



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