International Air

The OneTranz International Air cargo program is tailored to meet the needs of the small and medium size business who are importing/exporting air cargo.  Over the years OneTranz has developed the right relationships with carriers, vendor partners, and international shipping agents to be able to offer its clients a wide range of service solutions along with access to over 220 countries.

Choose from Door to Door, Door to Airport, and Airport to Airport services based on your shipping needs.  Letters, boxes, pallets, crates and even cars move through our shipping program on a daily basis so no shipment is too small or too large. 

Individual shippers are offered the ability to participate in our multi carrier small parcel program.  Pick the best carrier, price, and transit time for each shipment.  Our staff is here to assist with quoting, document preparation and to answer any ongoing questions you may have through the shipment process. 

1. Fuel surcharge not included in rate
2. Additional accessorial charges may apply
3. For shipments over 151 lbs, contact for quote

Preview our air cargo portion of our website for a sampling from a dozen or so of the countries from which our clients import and export, along with sample rates.  These are door to door rates and will provide you a sample of our prices versus the competition.  

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or if you just need a quote.